Villa Romana del Casale di Piazza Armerina

In December 1997, during the 21st annual meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in Naples (December 1-6, 1997), the property: “Villa Romana del Casale di Piazza Armerina”, in the Province of Enna entered the World Heritage List.

Geographical coordinates: N37 21 57.996 E14 20 3.012
Inscribed property area: 8.92 ha
Area of the buffer zone: 10 ha

Criteria for the assessment of Outstanding Universal Value

The Committee has decided to register the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina on the basis of criteria (I) (II) (III).

Criterio I: to represent a masterpiece of human creative genius;

Criterio II: o exhibit an important interchange of human values, over a span of time or within a cultural area of the world, on developments in architecture or technology, monumental arts, town-planning or landscape design;

Criterio III: to bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared;

Declaration of outstanding universal value

“The Committee decided to include the area on the basis of criteria (I) (II) (III) considering that the Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina is a sublime example of a luxurious Roman villa, which graphically illustrates the prevalence of social and economic conditions of its time. The mosaics that decorate it are exceptional for their artistic quality and novelty of breadth”.

Justification for Inscription

The Villa Romana del Casale is unique. No structures exist elsewhere that fully reflect not only the ancient way of life, but also a complex economic system that constitutes a significant moment of union between different cultures of the Mediterranean basin (North African and Roman).”


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